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  1. Mr. Schneider,

    I visit this website often even though I haven’t been back to the Ashland area in decades. I grew up in the Bellefonte Church and was very, very active through high school (I graduated in 1968). My dad took some home movies that I am finally editing and posting on YouTube. I just put up a great one from 1965 when Mr. Garda placed the cornerstone to the educational building. The link is here:

    I think you and the congregation will enjoy it. Sorry the quality is not better–this was transferred from film to VCR about twenty years ago–then that was digitized. Thanks.

    Paul Queen

    • You’re always welcome and I did so enjoy the movie. I never met Rev. Garda, but what an influence he had on so many!


    • I would love to get in touch with Paul Queen. He was one of my best friends growing up in Bellefonte. We used to play at the church and at the old furnace while my mother worked as church secretary. My father and mother were two of the founding members of the church and would meet in the Bellefonte Elementary School that Paul and I attended. I hope to visit again some day. Reverend Garda was the best and know he would be pleased to see that the church is still thriving. Please forward this message to Paul if possible.
      Thank you
      Paul deAlba

  2. Pastor you should get in and help Kim Davis. If you have a KJV Bible you need to go out and try to get people saved not turn your back and run away from Kim belief. Support her

  3. Would love information on dates, times of the live nativity

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