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 Troop 154 Chartered 60 Years with The Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte

Boy Scout Troop 154 was chartered June, 1953, under the sponsorship of Emory Gillum Wholesale Meat Co. IMG_5284 When the troop rechartered in June, 1954, The Community Presbyterian Church became the sponsoring organization. This troop is the second oldest troop in the Kentucky (Cardinal) District of the Tri-State Area Council. Mr. Aaron Hale was the first Scoutmaster and the Rev. Walter Krammer was the Assistant Scoutmaster. Mr. E. J. Henshaw and Mr. Eugene Straight also served as Scoutmasters until 1957 when Mr. Carl V. Curnutte, Sr. (known as Dads to the boys) became Scoutmaster. In 1969, Carl, Jr. stepped in to the leadership position of the troop until his departure in June, 1991, when he accepted the position of Camp Ranger at Camp Grimes, Mecklenburg County Council, in North Carolina. Mr. Mike Malloy became Scoutmaster at that time. Mr. Tommy L. Church, Sr. is our present Scoutmaster.

The troop has been awarded many local and national honors and has had 55 young men attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

Cub Pack 154 was also started in the fall of 1953, but has not had a continuous charter due to the lack of leadership. In the fall of 1993, Mr. Michael Light accepted the leadership position and we now have a very active and growing pack. Mr. Tommy L. Church, Sr. is the current Cubmaster.

June 1953 – New Charter – Sponsored by Emory Gillum Wholesale Meat Company
Scoutmaster – Aaron Hale
Assistant Scoutmaster – Rev. Walter Krammer

June 1954 – Rechartered – Sponsored by The Community Presbyterian Church
Scoutmaster – Aaron Hale
Assistant Scoutmasters – Richard Long and William Garda

April 1956 – Scoutmaster – E. J. Henshaw, Eugene Straight
Assistant Scoutmaster – Carl V. Curnutte, Sr.

April 1957 – Scoutmaster – Carl V. Curnutte, Sr.

March 1969 – Scoutmaster – Carl V. Curnutte, Jr.

June 1991 – Scoutmaster – Charles Michael Malloy

September 1995 – Scoutmaster – Joseph Lidowski

January 1997 – Scoutmaster – Danny Eaton
Assistant Scoutmaster – Tommy L. Church, Sr.

March, 2006 – Scoutmaster – Tommy L Church. Sr.

We’re very proud of our Troop 154 scouts, and the hard work our Scout leaders contribute to the formation of these fine young men.

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